5 Educational Resources for Nursing Students

Posted by Kristen Salisbury on

Have you ever gone to class, listened to a lecture thought you understood the material, but in reality you are left with more questions and not sure where to go to an able to understand the material better?


No matter what kind of learner you are (visual, auditorial, reading, etc) These 5 resources have a combination of SO many things available to you! Try them out! Some do give FREE subscriptions when you first try them out and see if it is a good fit for you. You can also cancel anytime! Or just download resources that you need! Here are my TOP 5 RESOURCES ⬇️

  • NURSING.COM- this company was founded by RN, Jon Haws back in 2018 with the purpose of actively trying to help improve through educational resources for nurses through 4 different stages: Pre-nursing, nursing student, NCLEX Prep, and new grad nursing. I personally have used them for everything since my 2nd semester of nursing school as my supplemental resource for learning that helped me TREMENDOUSLY, so much that I became an ambassador for them and even in present time work for them on different project roles as an educator/instructor. How cool is that?! They have multiple courses, lessons, videos, practice quizes, study tools, free resources to download, you name it!!  With over 300,000+ students, they have a 99.86% pass rate for the NCLEX! If you want to see what they are about, check them out with the link below and sign up and try! You won't be disappointed!
  • SIMPLE NURSING- founder by Mike Linares, MSN RN, has over 1,200 educational videos and 850+ study guides, and 3,000+ questions  to help you with ANY subject you can imagine! If you are a visual learner, this would be perfect for you! Of course, some free resources as well and NCLEX resources as well! It has definitely been one of the trusted nursing resources out there worldwide with a pass rate of 96% on the NCLEX! Be sure to check it out! 



  • YOUR NURSING EDUCATOR- operated by the wonderful, Barbara that lives in Canada, is a near dear friend of mine over the years and she has been AMAZING in helping educate & inspire nursing school students everywhere! She has plenty of nursing guides, NCLEX guides, and now even owns her own shop at NURSEIQ! If you are looking for a great resource with great pass rates, check her out and her shop over at NurseIQ!



  • NURSE IN THE MAKING- Kristine, over at Nurse in the Making, makes learning everything with nursing school fun! She has everything from flashcards, study guides, badge cards, etc! Another great resource for anyone looking for something thats fun and very visual! (I am a huge visual learner, so her stuff is fun to watch). PLus she has a youtube channel where you can go and learn! Highly recommend her to anyone! Check out her site below for more details! 



  • REGISTERED NURSE RN- Many I am sure know nurse Sarah, but I have watched MANY of her videos when I was in nursing school and they were SUPER helpful! She posts often on her Youtube channel and breaks things down easily with quizzes! If you are a visual learner, she would be great for sure! Check out her YouTube link below to subscribe to her channel!



There really are so many amazing resources out there, these happen to be my TOP 5 that I recommend to all nursing students that are looking for supplemental resources to take their learning to another level. 💗 Can always let me know in the comments if there are other resources you use that have helped you along the way! 



Kristen BSN RN